Fed up with passwords? What are the alternatives?

Infographic re: ID cards

Do you ever wonder...

  • Why we refuse ID-cards but love our customer loyalty programs?
  • Why we are concerned about electronic patient files but share many personal details on Facebook?
  • Which taboos and desires will inform our responses to future technologies of identification and authentication?
IMPRINTS (Identity Management – Public Responses to Identity Technologies and Services) was a comparative and multidisciplinary research project, asking about the influences on UK and US publics to engage and/or disengage with identity management practices, services and technologies of the future. These involved, among others, new forms of biometric authentication; innovative ‘smart’ tokens like ID or customer cards, jewellery, garment, or further enhanced smart phones. These technologies have become subject to paradoxical processes of acceptance and rejection, with members of the public warmly embracing the one and fiercely...